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Welcome to the Bright Start gallery

Here are a few of the children settling in to BrightStart, exploring all of the areas and activities provided for them, indoors and outdoors.


Lots of the children in Brightstart have really enjoyed playing with the playdough and pretending to make things such as biscuits and roti. As they have enjoyed this so much we did some baking and made our own biscuits. The children all really enjoyed making the biscuits, and especially enjoyed tasting them when they were ready.


Last half term our topic was about the story Owl Babies. To end this topic we invited in 'Yorkshire Owl Experience.' They brought in 5 different owls which were all different sizes. The children, and staff got to expreience stroking the owls and were also able to hold the smallest owl.


As it is now Autumn, BrightStart have been talking about the different colours and shapes of the leaves on the trees. We have looked at lots of books, and then we went for a walk in the play ground to see if we could find any leaves which had fallen off of the trees. The children really enjoyed picking the leaves and putting them into the baskets.

Once we had collected the leaves, we let them dry and used them to do some collage work with.


Here are some photos from BrightStarts parent Stay and Play session on Friday 18th November. Parents were invited to come and join us in BrightStart to join in with their children and see what we do on a daily basis.


Christmas Party



BrightStart have enjoyed having a Christmas party. Over the past couple of weeks we have been reading stories about Christmas, and today we celebrated by having a party. We did lots of dancing, played some party games such as pass the parcel and shared some party food with each other.

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