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Welcome to the Year 1 gallery

We have been making puppets!


In maths we have been using the equipment to make two digit numbers.


We have been designing and making instruments!


As part of our topic, we had a special visitor came to speak to the us about his trip to Antarctica!. He let the us try on his things and taught us the penguin dance.


We have also been using the clocks in maths to tell the time,


In maths we have been using the hundred square in the playground to count in tens, twos and fives.


We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit St Clements church. We were shown around the beautiful building and learnt about all the things that happen here. We learnt all about Easter and why it is such a special time for Christians. Children were also given the opportunity to ask questions and talk about how their religion is similar/different to Christianity.  Pat, who is a friend of the church was very impressed with 1AB's knowledge of Christianity and the church.


As part of our DT lesson and topic of the jungle, we decided to make an African musical instrument. We used a variety of materials to do this. Some of us decided to make shakers whilst others made drums. We took our instruments to music with Deborah and tested them out!

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As part of our RE lesson we had the opportunity to go to the Eco garden. We had a look at all the natural things around us and spoke about how they made us feel. We took pictures on our class iPads and spoke about what we saw when we got back to class. We also drew a picture of the things that were around us and wrote a sentence about how they made us feel.

In Maths Year 1 have been learning to read and write numbers to 20 matching numerals to words and using them to add. 
In Science our topic is ourselves and the children have labelled parts of the human body and used their senses to predict and guess the properties of objects and used their sense of smell to predict different foods. Our topic is also my World and the children wrote all about themselves e.g. favourite food or colour. 

1AJ working together to draw a story map for a story the children have learnt orally in English. In Maths the children this week have been recalling number bonds to 5 and 10 using different apparatus e.g. numicon. The children printed number sentences and wrote number sentences using the following symbols + and =.


We went out into the playground and explored a range of equipment. We described what we were doing and talked about how we would make things move. We used vocabulary such as slow, fast, push, pull, forwards and backwards to describe how we were moving.

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In maths we used a range of apparatus to represent numbers. We used dinosaurs, straws, numicon and even the base 10 to do this. We worked out how many tens and ones were needed and matched accordingly. We counted in groups of ten to help us complete this activity. 


We worked together in groups to learn different parts of the poem 'Wind Ways' by Judith Nicholls. We spoke clearly and tried really hard to use expression.

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