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Media Club

In our media club our Computing Coach, Daniel, presents us with a project brief for us to create a "TV Documentary/Special Report".

From this brief, we:

  • break the project down,
  • assign parts,
  • conduct research,
  • write our own scripts,
  • rehearse and provide each other with feedback,
  • film (with our green screen) ,
  • edit our footage using iMovie,
  • source content (mainly from Creative Commons or using Google's advanced search options so that we don't breach Copyright),
  • edit the content in to our iMovie project,
  • publish our "TV Documentary/Special Report".

We're back!

The media club is back and with some new faces. We're currently working on our latest documentary - Palm Oil. You can see our project brief below.

We'll be posting our throughout our project up until we publish our documentary, so please check back regularly! 

Media Club

Our First Project

For our first project, our brief was to produce a documentary about Plastic.

We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed producinging it.

Project Brief

plastic brief(1)

Our Research

Editing footing using iMovie

Our published Documentary

To watch our first show, Plastic Planet, please click here.

We are really proud of it and hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for watching.

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