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BrightStart Learning Gallery 2017/18

During Science week we have had lots of fun doing some experiments and meeting lots of different creatures.

When Zoolab came to see us, we had the chance to meet a snake, a spider, a frog, a giant snail, a giant cockroach and two rats. The children enjoyed touching the different animals and getting to know the animal names.

The experiments we did were:

  • Making volcano eruptions
  • Making Telephones using plastic and paper cups to find out which ones worked the best.
  • Gloop - with creatures such as snakes, spiders and frogs in. The children then used tweezers to try and get the creatures out of the Gloop, and
  • Bubbles in the water tray.

BrightStart have enjoyed having their mummy's and daddy's join them for their Christmas party. We had lots of fun playing party games, dancing and eating some party food. We all got very excited when our 'Special visitor' "Santa Clause" came to see us. He was so kind and bought all of us our own special present.


We would like thank the parents that came with us on our walk to Bradford Moor Park to look at the different trees, leaves and animals. We saw lots of ducks and squirrells and collected lots of different coloured and shaped leaves and twigs from the park.

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The children collected leaves in the school playground.


We had a stay and play session in BrightStart. Thank you to all of our parents that came in.


These are some of the activities that we do in BrightStart.

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