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Events & Trips

Science Week - Year 4

Year 4 watched 2 workshops on Solids, Liquids and Gases before doing a number of experiments looking at how states of matter change. We observed how different oils separate when settled and how the colour in skittles does the same. We also shook double cream until it turned into a solid.

Tower Garden

Rethink Food have given us the opportunity to grow our own vegetables indoors. Using a NASA designed 'Tower Garden' we were able to grow lettuce, chard, basil, chamomile and rocket in a 60 day period. We harvested the vegetables and served it at dinnertime to the children.

Greek Day

We had a special visit from Robbie who did an Ancient Greek day with us. We watched and performed plays about myths and wrote our own myths. We also made plates in the style of ancient greek art.

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