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Careers Workshop

Year 5 and 6 played a game of 'What's My Line?' with four visitors to try to guess what jobs they did.  They had to think of questions before the event, which would gather a great amount of information, but would only require a 'Yes' or 'No' answer from the visitors.

The children were all very keen to ask their questions and managed to find out a lot of information.

The children concluded that the first visitor was a dentist, the second was a spy, the third visitor was a school governor and the final visitor was a pilot.

The children had guessed one job correctly as visitor number 4, Ellie Wright was a pilot for Jet2.  Visitor number 1, Nicola Stonehouse wasn't a dentist but a Scientist researching into viruses.  Visitor number 2, Emily Hanson was a Police Trainer, training police to use tasers and batons safely.  Visitor number 3, Deborah Mills was a difficult one for the children as she is a School Governor, but her paid job is that of a Speech Therapist, working both children and adults.

The children really enjoyed the event and are looking forward to meeting the visitors again and learning more about their jobs. 

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