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Science Week

Killinghall Primary are extremely pleased with the scientific work produced during Science Week.  A Science Fair was held at the end of the week to celebrate the learning.  These are just a few of the pictures of our aspiring scientists speaking about their learning to other children and adults.  Well done!

For science day, Nursery came dressed as archaeologists. We explored what it would be like to discover dinosaur bones and fossils by digging them up. We also made a dinosaur egg from flour, coffee grounds and baking powder. We then used vinegar to dissolve it to discover what type of dinosaur was inside. 

Year 6 had a fantastic time during Science week.  They conducted many experiments focusing on the human body and how to stay healthy.  The book 'How to Live Forever' was used and all the learning was linked around this book.  One of the investigations performed was protecting the egg shell (bone) from breaking when dropped from a height.  The yolk was the heart (organ) and the white was the blood, the egg was wrapped in different materials.  They also made casts to gain a greater understanding of how bones heal. During science week, we also had a visitor teach us about crime scenes and the details that investigators look for. We had a clues as to which suspect could have stolen the money from the safe. As we investigated each piece of evidence it brought us closer to cracking the case!

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