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Our Learning Gallery 2018/19

The children were introduced to the equator and discussed weather conditions within these areas. The children were asked about which clothing would be suitable for these conditions and why.

We then moved on to discussing which animals live here and created a list on the IWB.

Finally the children were given a tiger fact sheet from which they retrieved information about a tiger. They used the iPADs to research tigers and created a poster in their house teams and presented to the rest of the class.

The children in year 1 spoke about the houses we live in today and which materials they were made out of.
They moved on to learning how some people in Africa live in mud houses. The children compared houses we live in to these African mud houses.

They then designed and made their very own mud house using the clay.

Finally the children added detail using clay tools.

Year 1 started off by watching an African musical. They identified all the different instruments they could hear.

The children discussed what these instruments were similar to.

They moved on to designing and then creating their very own instruments. They spoke about which instrument they would make and what they would need to make it. Some of the children decided to make African drums whereas others chose to make African shakers.

 The children designed and used sewing kits to create their own hand puppets in D.T.

On international day year 1 celebrated China day and took part in a range of activities. They made and tasted noodles and prawn crackers. The children also made Chinese drums and dragons. 

The children used non-fiction books and information packs to work as a team and create penguin fact files. 

Maths (number fact folder Jan 2019) The children used the number cones and other equipment to find and recall number facts to 10 and 20. 

We invited parents for a phonics workshop as the children came dressed up for book week. Parents then helped to make fruit salad or created artwork based on the book Peace At Last.

The children learning the Peace At Last story using the Talk for Writing actions. They rehearsed as a whole class or in mixed ability house teams. 

The children learning the Peace At Last story using the Talk for Writing actions. They rehearsed as a whole class or in mixed ability house teams. 

Children using practical apparatus such as the numicon to create number sentences in the different areas of learning. They painted/ printed numicon or play guess my shape using the foil. 

In Maths, the children in 1AB were learning to find one more and one less. The children did this practically by picking up a digit card and making this number using ten counters. The understood that to find one less, they would have to take one counter away. The children then recorded their answers on a whiteboard. 


1AB had the opportunity to visit the Life caravan where they learnt all about being healthy. They learnt how it is important to have a balanced diet and how exercise and sleep play a factor in keeping us fit and healthy. The children also helped Gerald the giraffe to create a healthy packed lunch.

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