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Year 1 Learning Gallery 2017/18

In Maths, some children completed a challenge where they were asked to investigate how they could systematically work out number bonds to 6. The children were able to complete this challenge independently and recorded their number sentences on a whiteboard. They quickly moved on to finding number facts to 7 and 8. Well done!


In year 1 we have completed a variety of activities to assist them with forming letters correctly. We worked on our presentation, making sure we tried our best to write on the line. We used big pieces of sugar paper to practise our writing on and some of us used sand trays. We also practised writing the letters ‘m, a, s’ in our handwriting books, again, concentrating and making sure our writing was well presented.


We have been speaking about who is in our family. The children spoke about their dad, mum, sisters and brothers. They then began to talk to the class about their grandparents, aunties and uncles and how they too are a part of their family. The children were encouraged to talk about their family using full sentences. They took turns listening and speaking throughout the discussion.

During provision the children were given the opportunity to build a house using blocks and figures to represent their family members. They drew family portraits using the paint and used family masks to imitate their family. Within the writing the children wrote down some words/sentences about why their family members are special to them.


We learnt a new body part song and worked together to draw around a child in their group. They sounded out body part labels and placed them in the correct places. Most of the children identified the word through the initial sounds. Some children were able to read the body part labels by sounding out the word.  The children worked well together and moved on to looking at other body parts.


In Maths we have been making number bonds to 10, 5 and 6 using the numicon.


In Science we played a senses game, food predicting and tasting and listening game.


1AJ  did a talk for writing exercise as a whole class and pairs learning the story Peace At Last.


As part of our science topic we went on a senses trail, we found some amazing things on our way.


In maths we have been learning how to add on one more.


In Year 1 we had a visit from the Life Caravan as part of our PSHE lesson where we learned all about the human body and healthy eating.


The children worked in groups to label the human body.


Just a few photos from our homework project celebration assembly in KeyStage 1.  We were pleased that so many parents could join us to celebrate the hard work put in to the family homework projects . A winner from each class was then awarded a prize ,

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