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Children worked in mixed ability groups; they were given the following books to study. The Guru Granth Sahib, Quran and the Bible. They used information text to help create a poster on their chosen book. They then presented what they had learnt to the rest of the class. 

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In Maths, we used resources to help us understand column addition and subtraction.


Photo's of dance moves we made to help us understand how a fossil is formed.


Year 3 freeze frames taken during book day to show different parts of our book 'Storm' From Autumn 1.


In science we have been doing an investigation looking at at the best conditions for a plant to grow, they did freeze frames to show the cycle of a sunflower. 


In Maths we have been using resources to help us understand the 4 operations. 


In English the children have been getting into the roles of little red riding hood and the wolf and we have been doing some hot seating and drama. 


Ordering numbers and solving the 8 times tables. 


Children used number cards and different practical equipment to solve addition pairs. 


Children have been learning about figurative language. They worked in teams to research different poetic features and then feedback to their peers what they had found. 

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In English children have been reading the book "Storm", they were answering questions which were related to the text. 


Here we have year 3 making, 2,3,and4 digit numbers with different apparatus to begin our place value topic.


Fo their holiday projects the children were tasked with making theit own volcanoes. We had some amazing volcanoes brought in this year and have been able to conduct some experiments with them. 

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