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In year 4 we have been conducting experiments to prove that air exists. We:

  • Moving a ball with the force of our breath
  • Looking for air bubbles released from a sponge
  • Squashing air inside the syringe and feeling it push back
  • Watching the air inside a balloon push around a propellor

Children in 4M enjoying creating the front cover and blurb of David Walliams 'The Demon Dentist'


In science we looked at reversible and irreversible reactions. We looked at corn and popcorn. We tried to turn that popcorn back into corn. We found that it wasnt possible.


Year 4 looked at states of matter in more detail. In specific how the paritcles were arranged. First, we looked at them in class then we went out and recreated the particle structure in the make shift containers. 


Year 4 took advantage of the snow that fell and came up with some questions to investigate. Questions such as "will snow melt or ice melt faster in my hand?" and "what will melt faster, snow or a snowball?". We then went out and tested them.


They were looking at place value. First they were given a number to make using base 10 and explaining how many hundreds/tens/ones. After this, a number was made with the base 10 and the children had to work out what the number was, again looking at how many hundreds/tens/ones they could see. 


Y4 went to tropical world to learn more about the animals and plant life in the rainforest as part of their topic work. They also enjoyed some time in the flower gardens. 


Some year 4 pupils were given the fantastic opportunity to complete the Mosaic-mentoring programme.  Mosaic is founded by HRH, The Prince of Wales. Mosaic inspires young people to realise their talents and potential. On successful completion of the programme the children visited a university where they received their graduation certificates.

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