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Our Learning Gallery 2018/19

As part of science week we have been making paper planes.  Forces is our current topic and we were trying to find out what the characteristics of a successful plane were.  The children made some fantastic designs and worked in teams to see how they could streamline their planes to enable them to fly straighter and further. 

Year 5 have been making bread whilst thinking about irreversible changes. We also discussed what happens to yeast and why it is needed to make bread rise.

As part of our science topic this half term and science week we have been making parachutes. The children had to make four different sizes of parachutes to see whether the size of the parachute made a difference to its effectiveness. We timed each drop and then found the mean of the three drops for our bar charts. Ask someone in Y5 which parachute was the most effective.

Year 5 have taken part in Parliament Week this year, 12th November - 16th November 2018.  As attendance is a key priority in the school we decided to write letters to our local MP to try to bring the problem of attendance to his attention and see what he can do to try to stop so many children being taken out of school for holidays during term time.

Please enjoy reading our letters.

Children in 5K dressed up as a character from their favourite story.

Week commencing 1st October, children were celebrating book with a focus of 'illustrators'. Throughout the week, children were creating their own graphic novel and had to dress up as a character from their favourite novel.

Year 5 have been writing graphic novels, based on stories by Michael Rosen.  The stories can be read in the library.

We have been investigating materials in science, looking at soluble and insoluble materials.  This week the children were trying to separate mixtures.  Children used different apparatus, such as magnets, sieves and colanders to try to separate the mixtures. They were working in groups to observe what was happening and whether the substances could be separated.

Year 5 have been hard at work since coming back in september. Here are some of the things we have been up to:

~British Values work

~ Great British Tours holiday projects, eg, Blackpool Tower and Big Ben and examples of super work

~ Year 5's current Amazing Work wall

~ Children carrying out PHSE discussing Being Me in Our World

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