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Welcome to the Year 5 gallery

The children in year 5 created some information leaflets for their Great British Tours topic.


For World Book day this year we had a Roald Dahl theme where the children dressed up as characters from his stories.

Each class in year 5 had a different book as their focus and the children wrote some poetry about their book.


Year 5 have started their new literacy book this week, 'Animals on the Move'.  We began the topic by looking at which animals had the 'toughest' migration, the class worked in groups to produce a presentation and poster about their animal's migration.  It was decided that the 'Arctic Tern' which travels 70,000km from Pole to Pole on its migration is the winner of the 'toughest' migration award!  Please enjoy looking at our posters.


Children were learning about the properties of 3D shapes by practically counting the edges, vertices and faces. Children had a sheet to help prompt them with the names of different shapes.




As part of the year 5 space topic, they have been looking at the different time zones throughout the world.  Some children made clocks to show the different times. 

RE Day

The class were having a discussion about the roles and responsibilities of themselves, family members and people in their lives. They then looked at the responsibilities of other groups in society