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Year 6 have been outside for science this week.  We were given a range of objects and had to try and classify them in as many different ways as we could think of.  It was an excellent chance to practise our sorting skills in preparation for learning about how animals are grouped and classified. 


As part of their science topic, Year 6 have been learning about dinosaurs.  During the autumn term, we learned about how different dinosaurs balanced, what colour they might have been, their diets, and their different body shapes.  We also learnt how scientists know about dinosaurs.  We used all our knowledge to create dinosaurs from clay.  Here are some of the results. 


As part of our science topic, Year 6 have been making fossils!  We used playdough to make an impression in with a shell, and then filled the depression with plaster of paris.  This mimics the action of the rocks when the fossil is forming.  We were very impressed with how they turned out!  


As part of our RE topic on special places, we have been learning about the features of churches and mosques.  We used our experience of making Tudor Houses to work together to create 3D models of churches and mosques.  Here are the results!  


This term, as part of our Tudor project, Year 6 have been researching, designing and making Tudor houses.  Firstly, we researched Tudor houses, and then we created our own designs.  We then made the houses.  We made a paper mock-up of the house in order to check that our measurements were correct, and then we made the house out of cardboard.  Finally, we decorated them.  


In year 6 we have been making Tudor Houses. Each group had a different type of Tudor house to make based on special requirements. We had to use our knowledge of 3D shapes to draw our own shape nets. We then had to use these nets to build the structure of our house. Once this was complete we decorated our houses using a range of materials. Afterwards, we had to write a persuasive text to try and sell our house.


In year 6 we have been dissecting owl pellets in order to find out what they could have eaten. This was in relation to our dinosaur topic as it is  similar to how scientists would find out about the diet of a dinosaur.


During their PE lessons, year 6 have been focusing on perfecting their forward rolls and implementing balances such as the 'frog balance' into their sequences. We have also been developing good practice when performing large group balances.


In year 6 we have been learning about how dinosaurs had to adapt to different climates. We then used this information to design our own dinosaurs using clay. As part of our design, we had to make sure we had the right size for all our body parts in order for the dinosaur to be stable.


Year 6 have been lucky enough to be visited by Harriet from Bradford College today.  She was talking to us about jobs and careers, and all the skills we would need to do different careers.  We also had to think about different careers, and all the things that we might have to think about when we choose a career, such as the salary, how much we might have to work, and how much time off we might get.  It was very interesting and certainly made us think! 

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