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The Digital Leaders

The purpose of the Digital Leaders is to enable the children to be experts and advocates of using appropriate technologies in school, allowing them to act as ambassadors and peer mentors for staff and other students. 

The Digital leaders go on a tailor made training course at The Innovation Centre where they learn to:

  • Describe and model the safe and responsible use of a range of technologies.
  • Demonstrate appropriate knowledge and understanding of specific technologies relevant to  each school context. 
  • Exhibit good communication skills and collaborate effectively with staff and students.
  • Understand the concept of ‘Student Voice’ and become a conduit for this across the school with reference to the use of innovative digital and mobile technology.

Training Day 1

In session the children learn to Understanding the role of a Digital Leader as an ambassador, communicator and technologist. They investigated new technologies and some key areas of (e)Safeguarding.

The new Digital Leaders also tested and reviewed a number of different pieces of equipment, commented on its features, the benedits/possible (e)Safeguarding concerns and what they could be used for in school.

The Digital Leaders have been enrolled on to Edmodo to record their success, share what they have been doing with other Digital Leaders in other schools and work towards earning Digital Leader badges to develop their knowledge base and skills further.

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Training Day 2

In this session, the Digital Leaders feedback on their Digital Leader successes so far in the form of a 5 minute presentation.

They also explored content management and how to transfer and use data across a range of devices.

The Digital Leaders were introduced to TinkerCAD and 3D Printing, where they each designed their own badges to be printed out on the 3D Printer.

Password security was investigated, this included using online software to determine how long it would take a password to be hacked. The children were challenged to create a password that would take a long time to be hacked. 

The Digital Leaders were given an assignment on Edmondo with tasks for them to complete and provide evidence for to achieve their (e)Safeguarding Badge.

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Barney & Echo Internet Safety Roadshow - October 2016

As part of their role, the Digital Leaders attending the Barney and Echo Internet Safety Roadshow held at Bradfor City Football Club.

This was an exciting day where they got go meet the Bradford City mascot, take part in some drama activities, try out new software, interact with a robot, took part in competitions, heard presentations from a number of speakers and much more.

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