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Gill's Blog

Autumn 2017

Autumn Blog 2017

Welcome to Killinghall Primary School to all our new children and staff. It is nice to say that as a popular school in the area we are full. In fact we are taking a few extra children as the demand for places here grows year on year.

We are very pleased to welcome back Mohammed who is now a class teacher of Year 2. He has returned from work in Saudi and is happy to be back in our family school. We are also very pleased to appoint Andrew as one of our Year 6 teachers. Andrew began work here as a classroom assistant several years ago and has gone on to train to be a fully-fledged primary teacher.

We are very proud of our beautiful school and our pupils; we strive always to provide an excellent education for all our pupils whatever their needs. Although we work tirelessly to ensure that children gain the very best academic levels of achievement we believe firmly that primary school is about the ‘whole child’. We are keen that our children develop a ‘love of learning’ through being excited and motivated to learn about the world around them. Please look regularly at our website this will give you a good flavour of the things we get up to.

This half term we have our regular parent/teacher meetings. At these meetings parents are also able to visit our wonderful Art Gallery showcasing the work done by parents and children at home in the holidays. It is wonderful to see how engaged our families are with our family homework projects.

We also had a coffee morning to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer and for The Overgate Hospice. Sadly on 17 August Jane Bingham, the former Headteacher of Killinghall passed away after a battle against cancer. She was a highly respected Headteacher and I know many of the community will remember her.

Gill Edge and Claire Spencer


Spring 2017

Everybody is very busy at this time of year; it is almost like the weather has woken us all up. 

As we speed towards the end of our academic year teachers and children are working extremely hard so that when children come to the end of their assessments they are working at what is expected of children their age, nationally.  This is a real challenge for some of our children and we are very pleased to have some excellent teachers and support staff.  We are also grateful for all the parent’s support as we know there is a lot of work going on at home helping the children with their homework and more recently dressing up a great deal!

We dressed up as scientists for our Science Day which was a huge success, we dressed in red for Red Nose Day and I know that parents have helped with the costumes for our Spring Concert given by Years 3 and 4.

There are lots of exciting things going on in the school including the building of a Viking ship. We continue to have all our school clubs running, which are very well attended.

Very shortly we will be having a Year 1 Alien Day which will help get the children ready for their phonic screening assessment.

This half term we have released Simon our Sports Coach for a 6 month secondment to undertake charity work with the street children of Sao Paulo.  We are very much looking forward to his return in October however we are very proud of the work that he will be doing.  We are hoping to make some links with him whilst he is away so that our children learn a little bit about South America.

We are proud to announce that Nicola Dudley our Senior Lunchtime Supervisor/Librarian recently received an award at the T & A School Awards ceremony and was commended for her wonderful work across our school.

We hope that the Spring weather will continue to be mild so that children can enjoy the lighter evenings.  Hopefully playing safely in their gardens and well supervised.  Playing out is very important for young children and believe it or not helps them massively with their writing. Good luck with getting them to bed on time with the lighter evenings!

Thank you.

Gill Edge and Claire Spencer


Autumn 2016

A warm welcome to all our new pupils for the new academic year 2016/17.

This is our first year as a completely full 3 form entry school, all our building work is complete and we have some fantastic facilities for all the children to use.

Please ‘surf’ our website and you will see what a beautiful school Killinghall has become.

Our family homework projects continue to be well received by families and the children are very proud of the work they do in the holidays at home.  This means that our children are beginning to develop a real love of learning that is not just school based, but is for life.

We are pleased to welcome our new teachers this year Sadaf, Amy, Gurpreet, Atifa, Jessica and Anum along with our new Assistant Headteacher Lynne Clegg. As the school has expanded new staff joining us have commented on what a wonderful and well-resourced establishment we have.

This year we will continue to challenge and stretch our pupils as they move towards the expectations set by the new curriculum last year.  Our Year 6 pupils did extremely well and made particularly good progress since the last national tests they took in Year 2.

Our progress measures are above national average.  We are always proud to hear from parents about pupils who have left Killinghall and gone on to have jobs and qualifications in law and medicine.

School is not just about academic achievement but about developing an all-round person and our children enjoy lots of musical and artistic experiences whilst they are with us.  They have an opportunity to learn to play the recorder, ukulele and/or the guitar.

We celebrate our talents in many ways on a weekly basis and annually through our Killinghall’s Got Talent competition.

There is lots of time between now and the summer for our children to decide if they want to take part.

Please encourage your children in everything they do and particularly support them in speaking and listening and hearing them read.

We open our classrooms to parents on several days a week so that parents can come into lessons to see how learning is progressing. Please come along to as many of these as you can.


Thank you.

Gill Edge


Summer 2016

This year seems to be flying by; we are already into our final term of the year. So much has happened with our new entrance, new staff and children growing in confidence all the time.

This is our season for Killinghall’s Got Talent. This is a huge event at school which children look forward to year on year. We all enjoyed the semi-finals, eight acts got through to the final which will be held on the 20th May.  Killinghall’s Got Talent is early this year to take account of Ramadan which begins around 6 June. We wish all our families strength to fast through this special period in their calendar. 

As well as practising hard for our talent competition children have been practising hard for their end of year assessments.

This year there have been so many changes to Year 6 and Year 2 SATs, the standards are much higher and schools are receiving information almost daily.

The children have worked hard all year round learning all the skills they need to reach their prescribed ‘age related expectations’. These are based on the new national curriculum which commenced in 2014. The children in Year 6 will be assessed against this curriculum; however they have only been following this curriculum for two years and not four years.

The pass mark will be decided after the tests have been completed and all the papers have been marked nationally. It is only after this time we will be able to say whether a child has met the required ‘age related expectations’ in maths, reading and spelling and punctuation.

This can be a stressful time for your child so we do all we can to make sure children understand that all we expect of them is that they do their best.

At Killinghall Primary School we think it is important for our children to have a love of learning, natural inquisitiveness and self-belief in order to be ready for high school. We will do all we can to ensure that when a child completes a year group they are able to look back and think that they have learnt many skills and have also become a more confident learner.

So that parents can better understand how to help their child in their learning we are opening our classrooms one morning a week for parents to join in lessons. Please ask your class teacher what morning your child's class is open so that you can come in and help them.          

Whilst I am writing this I am sitting in beautiful sunshine watching the children playing in the playground, I do hope that we will have a beautiful Summer.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Gill Edge

Spring 2016

Welcome to ‘Spring’ let’s hope we have seen the last of the snow! We will be lucky if we don’t have any more.

We only have 14 weeks to our National Standards Assessment tests for Year 6 and Year 2 children. How time flys by. The tests are tough now – but we have been working towards these since the new national curriculum came out in September 2014. Our children have been working hard at their spellings and reading and learning their times tables.

Year 6 will need to be able to recall their tables very quickly up to the 12 times tables – so get working on these early with them. 

This half term we are holding our parent consultation afternoons, please make sure you come and hear how you can help your child do well by the end of July.

Over the holidays more and more children and families are producing the most amazing homework projects.  We are planning to show these off in the hall at our parent consultation afternoons so be sure to drop by and see them.

Thank you to all of you for your continued support.

Gill Edge

Autumn 2015

Welcome back to school after your summer holidays – the summer weather was not so wonderful, we are hoping it improves for September and October. 

The children look very smart in their new uniforms, thank you to the majority of parents who have also provided them with named PE kits in line with school policy.

As the weather changes it is important that all children have a waterproof coat that they come to school in every day as they do like playing out, even though we may get a shower or two.

This year we are going to focus on punctuality and attendance as there was little improvement in punctuality last year despite our raffle ticket system. Unfortunately, due to this, the Governors have decided that we will not be doing the raffle this year.  We still have several children who are persistently late. This situation is quite sad as we know most parents are keen to get their children into school before 8.45am so they are ready to begin their lessons.

We are welcoming several new members of staff to school this term, even though this is only the third day in they have settled well into our routines and have complemented me on our children’s lovely manners and good behaviour.

The Government have changed the curriculum and it has raised the bar with regards to the standards of literacy and numeracy expected by our children. We began work on this last year and hope that with lots of hard work our children will continue to do well. Last year saw us gaining some of the best SATs results in the last three years with many of our children making better than average progress.

Our Year 1 children did extremely well in phonics beating the national average from 2014. Our Year 6 children beat the national average from 2014 in all areas at Level 4. 

We were sad to say goodbye to Year 6. I really did not mind getting so wet at the Summer Fayre it was great to see the children and parents having such a good time, even though I went home very wet and cold. The Year 6 boys thought it was great fun to say goodbye to the Headteacher by throwing a wet sponge at her!

Gill Edge

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