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Address: Killinghall Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD3 7JF
Phone: 01274 771166
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Email: office@killinghall.bradford.sch.uk
Please address all enquiries to Judith Thompson

Our Shared Values

At Killinghall, along side British Values, we have our own values that we focus on. Killinghall's values are changed on a monthly basis and we have a whole school assembly to discuss it, what it means to others and ourselves and how we can strive to achieve and form a deeper understanding of it.

This week's British Value

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Our Monthly Value

Our Monthly Value Calendar

Monthly Values 2018/19
September - Respect
October - Respect with focus on Bullying
November - Courage
December - Faiths
January - Team work
February - Love
March - Right and wrong
April - Hope
May - Friends
June - Peace
July - Thoughtfulness


Our school value this month is:





with focus on Bullying

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