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P.E & Sport Grant

Physical Education & Sports Grant summary

Income   Expenditure
2016/2017 - 5/12's = £4,356 (budget to November '16)  
2015/2016 = £10,359 £19,044
2014/2015 = £10,225 £18,534

Physical Education & Sports Grant 2016/17

Total grant award for 2016/2017 = £10,534                         Total number of pupils on roll – 744 (January 2017 Census)

The Government is continuing to provide funding to support the development of sports in primary schools in the academic year 2016- 2017.  The sport funding will be spent on improving their provision of PE and sport, but will have the freedom to choose how they do this.  Killinghall Primary School is making a positive impact on its pupil’s lives through the PE and sport.  Over 2016/17, certain developments have taken place that help to provide the children with more opportunities to express themselves through sport and exercise.  Before and after school clubs at Killinghall provide the children with a fantastic selection of activities and at lunchtime our play leader organises indoor games.







Sports coaching for Foundation to Year 6 weekly

S Gilroy/

M Walker


To deliver high quality PE lessons to children from Foundation to Year 6.  To work alongside staff to plan and deliver lessons.

Quality of provision has improved.

This involves purchasing schemes to plan exciting and challenging activities and training staff in the delivery of such activities.

CPD - Training in sports, health and wellbeing

S Gilroy/

M Walker


Training to improve and enhance subject knowledge.

Quality of teaching and learning improves – some pupil’s mastery in PE.

  • Extra-curricular sport club participation:
  • Football 1.5 - 20
  • Hula Hooping
  • Swimming for Raise Room children
  • Kick boxing2 - 20
  • Dance
  • Multi sports 1 -20

S Gilroy/

M Walker


£9,797 Cost of external providers transport and extra staff.

To provide exciting and varied extra-curricular activities and be involved in competitive sports locally.

Children experience sports not available during PE sessions.

Developing confidence and participation.

Improving Health levels.

Improving attitudes to lifelong learning.

Confronting obesity.

External sporting competitions:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Netball
  • Athletics
  • Cross Country
  • Basket Ball
  • Tag Rugby

S Gilroy

M Walker

Teachers’ time to arrange and support

Travel expenses met through school’s minibuses

£150 hours TA


To create a competitive environment for sporting activity to flourish

Children representing school developing personal character.

Improving competitive sports involvement.

Developing team skills.

Developing team identity.

Helping with cultural integration – playing sports in a variety of diverse schools.

Upgrading of facilities and equipment

S Gilroy

M Walker


Audit of equipment and order:

Four way shooter

Padded nesting agility tables

Coloured wooden benches

Balls, speed ropes, Badminton rackets


Improve activity in recreation time.

Playtime equipment.

Orienteering Pack.

Gymnastics packs.






Total Expenditure





Physical Education & Sports Grant 2015/16

Total for 2015/16 = £10,359                                     

Expenditure = £19,044

  • PE and Sports coach salary
  • Training in sports & physical activity  (for Sports Coach)
  • PE support and Sainsbury’s School Games (weekly competition)
  • Coaching and Activities Programme – after school clubs
  • Upgrading facilities and equipment

Killinghall Primary School is making a positive impact on its pupil’s lives through PE and sport.  Over this past year, certain developments have taken place that help to provide the children with more opportunities to express themselves through sport and exercise.

Throughout the 15/16 year, each class has had the opportunity to experience a wide variety of sports. The introduction of multi-skills sessions into Key Stage 1 PE has been a great success, where children took part in games that they may not have tried before.

Lunchtime and before and after school clubs at Killinghall provide the children with a fantastic selection of activities.  We had a football league set up for both KS1 & KS2.  Our lunchtime play leader organises indoor games, including bench ball, ultimate Frisbee and parachute games.

Other notable sporting activities include:

  • Swimming for Year 5
  • Swimming for the Raise Room children
  • Bikeability
  • Sport Relief Run
  • Sports Day
  • School trips and residential's to Robins Wood and Chateaux Beaumont (France), which include climbing, archery, fencing etc.
  • Weekly sporting Competitions
  • Hula hoop sessions

Training for Staff

Bradford PE conference


Through participation in Sainsbury’s School Games competitions, Killinghall has increased the amount of inter school activities we are involved in.  These competitions involve each year group from Year 1 through to Year 6.  Our participation in these tournaments has been promising and very worthwhile as the children have taken a lot from them and have even won several trophies throughout the year.

After-School Activities

We had many weekly after-school clubs for each year to participate in. These included football, multi-sports, kickboxing, basketball and dance/Zumba.  We also have a football team that train after school every Tuesday and enter tournaments, competing against other schools around Bradford, and girl’s multi sports club every Friday.

Physical Education & Sports Grant 2014/15

Total for 2014/15 = £10,225

Expenditure = £18,534

  • Sport’s coach Salary
  • Out of school activities
  • Sports Kit

As reviewed by the Governors this grant has made a huge impact on pupil’s health & wellbeing.  As a school, we need to continue to develop our approach.  As well as continuing with our current sporting activities Killinghall registered with Sainsbury’s School Games for 14/15 school year, which benefited our children as they provided a wide range of competitions on a weekly basis and many more opportunities to participate in sport against other schools.

We participated in the Bradford Park Avenue Schools Cup, where the children played in a local semi-professional stadium in front of a large crowd.

Killinghall has been involved in a variety of sporting competitions. We purchased a school sports kit to enhance the children’s experience, giving them a sense of pride when representing the school.

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