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Year 1

The children in Year 1 visited the life caravan this week and explored different ways of keeping our bodies healthy.

In Maths today the children used their phonic knowledge to write numerals in words. 

In Year 1 the children used practical resources to find 1 more and less for numbers 1-20.

In 1AJ the children used given labels to draw and label different parts of the human body. 

Art Sculptures

The children in 1AJ visited the Eco-garden and collected items to create their own natural sculptures in the style of Andy Goldworthy.

Hand puppets

Through our toys topic the children in 1AJ designed and made hand puppets using sewing kits. 

Maths Place Value

The children played a range of games where they identified the value of each digit in a two-digit number. They also used the base ten to order and represent a range of numbers practically. 

Seasonal calendars

The children in 1AJ created seasonal calendars to take home in order to help them learn the months of the year. 

Maths number facts 

In 1AJ we used different methods to find number facts to 10. We used practical methods such as using counters, numicon and number blocks. Then we used mind maps and the part and whole method too. 

Maths Length

In 1ZA children have been looking at measuring different lengths. They used string, squares and a ruler to measure the length. Children converted the length of the string into cm using rulers.

Thornbury Library

The children in year 1 visited their local library. They listened to a range of fairy tales and explored characters and titles of books. Children also began to design their own front covers.

Some great diary entries from these wonderful students in 1J

Brilliant Maths work from various students.  Look at how well they have either written out or used the paint tool to complete their work!

Abdul is accessing the phonics videos to help him build his reading skills.

Making  a 'drivethrough' Subway during lockdown.  Great idea! I'll have a footlong meatball sub please.

Maryam loves her Peter Rabbit books.  What better way to spend your time than to change your garden into Peter Rabbit's house!

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