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Phone: 01274 771166 / Fax: 01274 771167
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Please address all enquiries to Judith Thompson
Our SEN Co-ordinator is Mrs Lynne Clegg and she can be contacted on 01274 771166

Online Safety

At Killinghall we teach our children about Online Safety from Reception up to Year 6. We follow a robust eSafeguarding curriculum to broaden our children's knowledge of the online world. We also have annual visits from the West Yorkshire Police Cyber Team who conduct Cyber Awareness and Cyber Bulling workshops. These are throughly enjoyed by the children. The Cyber Team also run training events for parents to enable them to be aware of the dangers while they are online and to better support their children. All staff and Governors of the school also receive training from the Cyber team and also the school's eSafeguarding Officer.

Online Safety lessons have been added into the school's P.S.H.E. lessons and are delivered in class. Online safety is also covered in the childrens computing lessons.

Below is the eSafeguarding Curriculum and objectives for each year group. 

Digital Leaders - Summer Tips for Online Safety

Digital Leaders - Minecraft Safety Tips

Top 5 Tips for Online Safety

Our Digital Leaders have made 6 online safety videos to help give you advice and keep you safe online.

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