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Address: Killinghall Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD3 7JF
Phone: 01274 771166
Fax: 01274 771167
Email: office@killinghall.bradford.sch.uk
Please address all enquiries to Judith Thompson


At Killinghall we have a duty of care to ensure all of our children are safe. In school we do this by making sure that everyone who comes into the building is suitable to work with children. All of our staff and visitors who access to children are DBS checked. We also work hard to minimise risk in the grounds and building.

If we have concerns about the safety of any children, we follow the procedures outlined in our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy, please follow the links below to read the policies. It outlines how we deal with any issues when we think children may not be safe and what we would do if we feel that children may not be safe outside school hours.

All concerns are recorded and reported to one of our Child Protection Named Persons, who then investigates and follows the procedures set out in our Child Protection and Safeguarding policies.

The Child Protection Named Persons at Killinghall are:

Claire Spencer


Victoria Ward


Lynne Clegg


If we feel a child is at risk of harm we would usually discuss this with parents, or if more serious we have a duty of care to report our concerns to the assessment team at Bradford Safeguarding Children’s Board. If you have any queries they can be contacted on 01274 437500 or at http://www.bradford-scb.org.uk

If you have any questions or concerns about safeguarding or the safety of any of our children when they are in school or out of school, please feel free to contact the people above on 01274 771166.

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