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Online Safety

At Killinghall, we teach our children how to keep themselves safe whilst they are using the internet in school and encourage them to use the same methods at home. 

We aim to provide our parents with the knowledge, support and tools they need to keep their children safe online out of school hours. We hold annual workshops, run by The Cyber Team from West Yorkshire Police, we encourage parents to contact the school if any issues have occured at home or if they would like any advice.

Click here to read NSPCC Keeping your kids safe online Guide

We are aware of highly inappropriate videos circulating online, that are being viewed by children in schools across the UK, including some of our own children.  These video clips are appearing on many social media sites and YouTube (including Kids YouTube).

Some of the videos start innocently enough but quickly turn into an altered version with extreme violence and offensive language. Others, by the name of ‘MoMo’, show a warped mask daring and encouraging children to perform acts of violence and self-harm through a series of progressively risky challenges, without telling their parents. When the ‘player’ refuses to carry on, the content and threats are extremely distressing.

These videos and challenges in the ‘game’ present a serious risk to the safety, welfare and well-being of any children exposed to it. This exposure can be minimised by:

  • Supervising children whenever they are online
  • Using parental controls
  • Ensuring you know what your child accesses online
  • Ensuring your child understands the importance of not giving personal information to people that they do not know
  • Talking to your child regularly about apps/games and the potential risks that they could be exposed to.

If parents are concerned or have any questions on how to approach the subject with your child, you can contact the school, the NSPCC Helpline on 0808 800 5000 or visit the NSPCC website.

Below are some useful links to help keep your children safe online, click on the link to visit the website:

  • BullyingUK - information and advice about bullying for children, parents and schools.
  • Childline - free helpline for children and young people in the UK.
  • Know IT All - useful advice for keeping your children, and yourself, safe on the Internet.
  • NetSmartz - advice, information and resources for children, parents and schools.
  • Think u Know - internet safety advice for those aged from 5 to 16, along with parents and teachers, this site is produced by CEOP (the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre).
  • NSPCC – Links to resources about all aspects of child safety, including online safety
  • Net Aware – This websites tells you everything you need to know about social media the apps your child might be accessing
  • Internet Watch Foundation – An internet hotline for the public to report websites with potentially illegal content
  • Safer Internet – Guidance to support online safety for parents of children working at home
  • Childnet - A registered UK charity that aims to make the internet a safe place for children and young people
  • CEOP - Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) is part of the National Crime Agency 

Starting a conversation about online safety

A simple and effective way to get involved with your children and their lives online is through discussion, for more information and conversation starters. visit this website.

Lets talk about life online  - Advice and conversation starters for supporting your child to stay safe online 

Tips on talking to your child about online safety

LGFL Digital Family Agreement 

Parent's Guide to Cyberbullying

Parent's Guide to Cyberbullying

Parental Controls

Parental controls are settings that help you control what content your child can see. Combined with privacy settings these can help you protect your children from the things they shouldn’t see or experience online. 

How to set parental controls

The website below makes it straight forward to use parental controls and settings. Simply select your device to find guides on controls and settings.

Guides on how to set parental controls

Age Restrictions - Social Media, Apps & Games

It’s important to remember that the legal age to have accounts on most social media sites is 13 (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Tik Tok).

Use this website to search for guides, age ratings and information on a range of the latest social networks, apps and games. 

Useful Websites

Report harmful content - How to report harmful content online

Swiggle.org.uk - Child friendly search engine 

National Online Safety - Platform guides

Internet Matters - Online safety leafets and resources

Top Ten Tips to stay safe online

Stay SMART Online

We can provide copies of the guidance in Urdu and Punjabi if required

Please click on the parental controls guides below.


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